New Trail System

The Blue Trail – Muyúavi and the Green Trail – Puyúuri, two different routes ready for you to keep them alive with a different journey in every visit.

MUYÚAVI – Blue Trail – Crest Trail:
This trail is situated in the back part of the development, adjoining the East Cape road.

PUYÚURI – Green Trail – Fundadores Loop:
It is located around the Fundadores neighborhood and the east edges of the property.






Type: Singletrack
Class: 2-3
Difficulty: Intermediate

MUYÚAVI in the Huichol language means “where the blue is”, the main purpose of the trail is to lead the user to a rocky summit enabled as a viewpoint where you can appreciate where the sky meets the ocean, allowing you to understand the true meaning of where the blue is.

From this point you have a spectacular 360º view that includes views of the Puerto Los Cabos Marina, the Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses, Palmilla, Punta Gorda, the Picacho de San Lázaro, and San José del Cabo.

The surface is consistent and stable, with checkpoints and steps made of rock or wood where the slope exceeds 30%. It has minor natural obstacles and multiple points of interest: rocks, ridges, and a huge variety of local vegetation.



Type: Singletrack & Widetrack
Class: 2,3,4
Difficulty: Intermediate

PUYÚURI in the Huichol language means “it is green”, throughout the whole trail, the user will feel the experience of being surrounded by green natural foliage, this trail has different sceneries and all of them include much variety of cactus including Barrel Cactus, Cardons, Choyas, and so much more.

The purpose of this trail is to provide the user an experience with a complete green surrounding, also, this trail offers magnificent and continuous ocean views at all times. The ATAJO will remain being the ATAJO and just in case someone doesn’t know, atajo means shortcut!

The Puyúuri trail has a consistent and stable surface as well, with checkpoints and steps made of rock or wood where the slope exceeds 30%. Includes several points of interest such as a dry basin, Pitayas fields, rocks, and a route through a sandy stream.


Location & Access

The Puerto Los Cabos Trail system is located in an undisturbed area at the northeastern part of the community.

The access is located at the left side of the Fundadores Gate, heading to an intersection trail.

The intersection trail is shared by the Blue and the Green trail to lead the user to the route of their choice. Both trails intersect in Access B of the property.

We strongly suggest not to use Access B as a shortcut to the Blue trail, Access B is a vehicle-only-designed road, right now Puerto Los Cabos continues working on creating proper passage between the trails to continue the route to the Blue Trail from the intersection trail.


Usage Recommendations

In order to enjoy the Trail System at its most, we have designed a usage recommendation we would like to share with you:

  • Follow the corresponding direction of the trails***
  • Stay on the right side of the trail
  • Pass through on the left side of the trail
  • Do not block the trail in any way
  • Groups must be aligned in single line
  • Do not create new trails or cause damage to the landscape
  • Wear suitable/comfortable shoes

Please note:

  • Damaging, cutting or extracting wild flora is prohibited
  • Disturbing, damaging or hunting wildlife is prohibited
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not leave any kind of trash

***All trails are designed to be traveled in one direction only. This criterion is essential for risk management (prevention of frontal collisions) and to guarantee a good visitor experience.

The only exceptions to this rule are wide roads that can be used safely in both directions.